“Yoga is the stilling of the fluctuations of the mind” 

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali


Slow Flow Yoga: Hatha``` & Vinyasa

Pregnancy yoga

In 2016, when I was expecting my first child, I decided to take a pregnancy course with Birthlight. This guided me though my pregnancy and helped me change my attitude towards the miraculous transformation my body was going through.


My pregnancy classes try to convey this experience by offering you the joy of moving safely and tuning into your changing self. You will do gentle yoga sequences to keep you strong and mobile and learn breathing and meditation techniques to calm the mind and connect with your baby.


As you approach the end of your pregnancy, you will also practice specific postures and techniques to prepare you for birth. These classes are suitable for all stages of pregnancy.

Restorative Movement - Yin & Restore


This slow, meditative class combines yin and restorative yoga with elements from somatic practices (such as the Feldenkrais Method). It aims to help you move with greater ease and awareness and to quieten the mind. By soothing the nervous system, yin and restorative yoga help reverse the effects of stress and cultivate a state of inner calm. In the class, you can expect to spend time on the floor, working through sequences of small and slow movements that mobilise the body but, more importantly, refine your attention. You will also stay in longer-held poses that gently stretch the deeper muscles and fascia. These poses, often supported by props, allow the body to rest and open, offering a landscape of sensations for the mind to focus on.


Recently, I have added sound (singing bowl, vocal toning and drumming) to my restorative movement classes as a powerful healing tool alongside breathing techniques (pranayama), movement and meditation.


Since poses are mostly floor-based, students are advised to bring warmer clothes and socks. Beginners to yoga are most welcome.

In my Slow Flow classes, you will cultivate an awareness of the breath, moving through sequences of postures that ‘flow’ from each other, energising the body to develop better coordination, balance, strength and flexibility. I take a somatic approach to yoga that encourages you to explore movement in classic yoga poses as well as micro-movements or playful variations on movement themes. I usually choreograph my classes into sequences that focus on different themes, either anatomical or conceptual.


My approach is friendly and inclusive, encouraging you to develop a joy of movement and a focused presence inside your self. These classes are accessible so you will hopefully enjoy and have something new to learn both as an experienced or a beginner student.

In my classes, you will explore movement, meditation and breathing in ways that combine yoga with somatic methods. Some classes are more dynamic, others are mellower, but all are opportunities to learn about and experience yourself safely and joyfully.

Most classes I teach are in South-East London, but I also teach in Central London and further afield. Check the timetable for more details on location, times, and prices.



 I love the stillness of the poses and find Raluca's warm

and engaging teaching style extremely soothing.


- Hillary

Raluca’s Yin classes are varied and interesting - every class bringinga different emphasis.


- Val

Raluca is such a gentle teacher and delivered the class

like she was giving a gift.


- Liz

One of my favourite things in a Mysore class is the tinkling sound of Raluca’s giggle as she adjusts and connects with her students.


- Keith

This is my "go to" class of the week - a perfect way to let go of the week and to ease in to the weekend!


- Fiona

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